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Traditional Czech production of solid-fuel household appliances

Solid-fuel stove – type 9101

Traditional czech production of solid-fuel household appliances


The KVS MORAVIA 9101-type solid-fuel stove is designed for heating, cooking, and (re)-heating of meals.

Its spacious firebox can be easily adjusted for summer or winter operation (removable top grate). One of many other advantages is the variability of connections to a chimney.

Already in its standard version, the KVS MORAVIA 9101-type stove is equipped with 4 outlets for combustion gases for connection to a chimney from the back, from both side walls or from above from a hob. The stove has the possibility to (re)-heat or cook meals thanks to the hob with which it is fitted.

The stove is suited to both older and modern interiors. It is ideal to position it in a free space because it is predestined with its construction mainly for heating. Radiant heat into space is emitted to all directions but mostly through the hob.

Solid-fuel stove – type 9101

Colouring of the stove

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Solid-fuel stove – type 9101
Solid-fuel stove – type 9101
Solid-fuel stove – type 9101
Solid-fuel stove – type 9101
Solid-fuel stove – type 9101
Solid-fuel stove – type 9101

Technical parameters

Minimum rated output:                                6 – 8 kW                                
Diameter of smoke collar: 120 mm
Stove dimensions (w-h-d): 325 x 850 x 620 mm
Firebox dimensions (w-h-d): 190 x 220/360 x 270 mm
Height of exhaust collar: 700 +- 5 mm (through the centre from the floor)
Minimum chimney draught: 12 Pa
Efficiency at rated heat output 73,3 %
Weight: 100 kg
Recommended fuel: wood and lignite
Hob version: steel ground hob

Technical description

The KVS MORAVIA 9101-type stove is designed to be used mainly with a recommended fuel such as wood and brown coal, and wood and brown-coal briquettes can be used with this appliance as well.

This type is well usable for cooking and heating of the room in which it is installed. The materials used in the manufacture of this type are similar as compared with the other types of KVS MORAVIA appliances.

The stove firebox consists, as usual, of fire bricks and is divided into two parts by means of cast-iron grates. Such arrangement offers two options for operation:
•    summer operation – heating on the upper grate (suitable for cooking);
•    winter operation – heating on the lower rotary grate (suitable for heating and cooking).

Other products offered by us

Solid-fuel stove – type 9114

is intended for heating, cooking and (re)-heating of meals.

  • High performance
  • Comfortable control of the flow of combustion products
  • A spacious firebox with a glazed door   
  • Modern design
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