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Traditional Czech production of solid-fuel household appliances

Solid-fuel stove – type 9114

Traditional czech production of solid-fuel household appliances


The KVS MORAVIA 9114 type solid-fuel stove is designed for heating, cooking, and (re)-heating of meals.

Its spacious firebox makes it possible to use wood logs of up to 350 mm in length and of up to 230 mm in diameter. 

This stove designed in a rustic style has already attracted a number of customers, who appreciate, in particular, its appearance, the glazed door of the firebox and the possibility to (re)-heat or cook meals thanks to the hob with which it is fitted. 

The stove is suited to both older and modern interiors. It is ideal to position this stove in a free space because it is predestined with its construction mainly for heating. Radiant heat into space is emitted in all directions but mostly from the front and through the hob.


Solid-fuel stove – type 9114

Colouring of the stove

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Solid-fuel stove – type 9114
Solid-fuel stove – type 9114
Solid-fuel stove – type 9114
Solid-fuel stove – type 9114
Solid-fuel stove – type 9114

Technical parameters

Minimum rated output: 9 kW
Diameter of smoke collar: 120 mm
Stove dimensions (w-h-d): 515 x 850 x 575 mm
Firebox dimensions (w-h-d): 380 x 250 x 385 mm
Minimum chimney draught: 12 Pa
Efficiency at rated heat output: 73,5 %
Weight: 130 kg
Recommended fuel: wood and wood briquettes
Hob version: steel ground hob

Technical description

The KVS MORAVIA 9114 type stove is designed to be used mainly with a recommended fuel such as wood and wood briquettes. 

This type combines the advantages of a fireplace stove and cooker because apart from cooking and heating it is possible to see flickering flames through the glazed door as well. The materials used in the manufacture of this type are similar as compared with the other types of KVS MORAVIA appliances.

The firebox consists, as usual, of fireclay boards 40 mm thick and of a robust cast-iron bottom plate covered with refractory concrete and a cast-iron grate. In view of the fact that this type has a large entrance door to the firebox (width of 300 mm x height of 245 mm), logs of up to 230 mm in diameter and 350 mm in length can be put into it. From this point of view, this type will be more suitable if you prefer heating to roasting/baking and cooking.  

The rate of combustion is regulated by the supply of primary and secondary air. Primary air is controlled on the door of the ash pan by means of an air rosette. Further pre-heated air is sucked into the firebox through openings in the back fireclay board and is controlled using a tie rod a termination of which is located on the front wall of the stove under the firebox door. Furthermore, air that is sucked in by firebox door grooves participates in combustion. This air cannot be controlled. Owing to the supply of these other types of air, so-called double combustion takes place in the firebox, in which gases generated during burning are combusted one more time. This process results in more efficient utilisation of the fuel stoked, to the maximum extent possible. 

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