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Traditional Czech production of solid-fuel household appliances

Built-in System – Firebox 8111-01 type

Traditional czech production of solid-fuel household appliances


The built-in system is intended for the customer’s own construction of solid-fuel cookers or stoves. When using both of its components – the firebox and oven – it is possible to build a household appliance intended for heating, cooking, baking/roasting and (re)-heating of meals. We do not provide professional construction of cookers or stoves, and that is why it is necessary to contact a specialised firm.  

Built-in System – Firebox 8111-01 type

Colouring of the stove

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Built-in System – Firebox 8111-01 type
Built-in System – Firebox 8111-01 type

Technical parameters

Rated minimum capacity: 6 – 10 kW
Weight: 25 kg
Recommended fuel: wood and wood briquettes
Glass resistance: 600 st.C
Handles: chrome-plated metal or lacquered wood element
Air supply control element: metal treated by chrome-plating or made of brass

Technical description

The KVS MORAVIA 8111-01-000 type built-in system allows for the customer’s own individual construction of solid-fuel household appliances.

The firebox is equipped with a cast-iron grate and ash pan with air supply control on the ash pan door. The ash pan door can be additionally equipped with lining. The firebox has a glazed door with refractory glass. In view of the fact that this type has a large entrance door to the firebox, logs of up to 190 mm in diameter and 450 mm in length can be put into it. 

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