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Traditional Czech production of solid-fuel household appliances

Variants of hobs of KVS MORAVIA appliances

Traditional Czech production of solid-fuel household appliances.

Hobs in three variants are offered for range cookers with an oven, types 9112, 9100 and 9103.

Two-part hob, cast-iron and steel

This two-part hob is composed of a cast-iron and steel part, both being 6 mm thick. The surface finish is carried out with a baking paint. Hobs treated in this way are less liable to rust. The advantage of split hobs is easier handling of them considering their weight (each of them weighs 10 kg). The hob is adapted in such a way that a smoke flue can be connected from above as well.

Heat transfer is similar with both cast-iron and steel hobs – it has a slower start but it can keep heat for a longer time. By contrast, a glass-ceramic plate can transfer heat very fast but if it has no supply of heat, it cools down quickly.  

Steel ground hob

The hob is fired from steel and its surface is finished by grinding. Considering the fact that the hob is made from a single piece 6 mm thick, it is provided with expansion joints that prevent it from getting deformed. The hob is adapted in such a way that a smoke flue can be connected from above as well.

After heating is started, the colour of the hob will change to dark, which is a natural occurrence. The hob is more liable to rust and that is why it is not suitable for damp spaces. It can be still be well maintained by spreading edible oil or fat over it. Larger impurities and emerging rust can be removed using the Sonnenglanz preparation, which is available at our authorised dealers. The hob weighs 20 kg.

Glass-ceramic hob

Specially toughened glass adapted to direct flames. It is suitable for ordinary cooking in kitchen (smaller) pots. It is not recommended for specific use, such as during preservation in large pots and during pig-slaughter as it is liable to scratching.

The hob is 4 mm thick and weighs4 kg. From this point of view, the hob will be easy to handle. This hob variant will keep its nice appearance and is easiest to maintain.

For cleaning we recommend for example the KERA MAFISTO preparation, which is normally available commercially.  

Note: the glass-ceramic hob has no possibility of being connected to a smoke flue from above. 

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Diagram of hobs – position of the upper outlet for the smoke collar on the hob

(all of dimensions are metric in mm)