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Traditional Czech production of solid-fuel household appliances

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Traditional Czech production of solid-fuel household appliances.

KVS EKODIVIZE a.s. (Inc.), branch plant Dvorce

A manufacturer of solid-fuel household appliances and machined parts

The history of the plant in Dvorce in Moravia dates back to the beginning of the last century. Textile production commenced in 1906, and it was re-oriented to military production during the war. Mechanical engineering remained its objective after the war. The manufacture of solid-fuel appliances – range cookers, stoves and boilers – started in 1994. We currently produce this assortment in eight type series and supply it under the KVS MORAVIA trademark to wholesale and retail networks throughout the Czech Republic. These appliances work on the principle of combustion of solid fuels: lignite, wood and, at present, also an environmentally-friendly fuel – wood briquettes.

As part of innovations of our products, appliances with a heat exchange unit (exchanger) for connection to the central heating system of households have been introduced. 

Our products are exported to Germany, France, Austria, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Estonia and Latvia.

Apart from solid-fuel appliances, the Dvorce plant is a traditional supplier of machined parts, where it holds a Honeywell Aerospace Olomouc certificate for their parts intended for the aircraft industry.

Until 31 January 2003, our plant was part of the MORA MORAVIA Hlubočky – Mariánské Údolí joint stock company (a traditional manufacturer of white goods – household appliances for cooking and heating). Since 1 February 2003, it has belonged to the company KVS EKODIVIZE a.s. (Inc). 

Solid-fuel appliances are covered by a warranty of 24 months in the Czech Republic and they have been certified by the Engineering Test Institute in Brno, VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava and by the German testing institute Rhein-Ruhr Feuerstätten Prüfstelle. All the appliances meet the requirements of Act No. 201/2012, on air protection, and they comply with ČSN EN 12815 technical standards.

KVS EKODIVIZE a.s. is certified by the independent testing institute TUV CERT in accordance with the EN ISO 9001:2008 quality system.